Natural Health






Helps your baby to feel loved and cared for

Can reduce illnesses, crying and improve sleep

Improves circulation & boosts  immune systems

Helps tone muscles and joints to be more flexible

Very helpful to low birth weight babies & children with special needs

Help to you understand your baby’s needs

I enjoy teaching mothers to massage their own babies. I have found that teaching in large groups is not personal enough, as I want to make sure that everyone I teach understands and feels confident to massage their baby.

I offer you a choice of either, ‘one to one’; I demonstrate massage on a doll at the same time as you massage your baby. This way I can ensure that you feel totally confident and understands the routine and movements. It also allows you to build a deeper connection with your baby and gives you confidence in handling your baby in a new way.


You can gather friends for a coffee morning [up to 8 people max], while I demonstrate the massage techniques on a doll and you practice at the same time on your baby. This allows me to make sure that everyone learns the routine.

I ask if anyone’s baby has any health issues so that I can show you how to use light touch Reflexology to help.


Baby Massage





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