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‘As a therapist I always feel happy referring my clients to Fiona for her wonderful Reflexology. She is so caring and my client feedback is always excellent.’



‘Making the decision to start visiting Fiona was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was a little sceptical as I had suffered for so many years and had other treatments which had not benefitted me at all.


There were many reasons I needed help but the two biggest problems I suffered with were constant headaches [combined with back and neck ache] and severe pain in my wrist from a ganglion.

Fiona has managed to stop me suffering with the extreme headaches by working through the process and discovering their sources. The wrist is also under control. Not only has the treatment helped but I now understand what my body is telling me and that one discomfort may not be the actual problem but instead could be a symptom of something else. Fiona has shown me simple techniques I can do myself at home particularly for my head, neck and spine so that I can carry on ‘topping myself up’.


Quite simply, Fiona has changed my life!’.



‘Following a 2nd miscarriage I started seeing Fiona for Reflexology – she creates a very calming, relaxed atmosphere and in the first half of the session is a fabulous agony aunt, second half – too relaxed to talk! She saw me through 2 further miscarriages which I coped with well due to her balancing my hormones and kept me going through a pregnancy to a very happy ending – I can’t thank her enough.’



‘Fiona really makes you feel you are being looked after. She is a safe pair of hands and is always willing to discuss all aspects of her clients' health issues. Her holistic approach and obvious experience shows in her treatment. I always leave feeling relaxed.’









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