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I have found when I started practicing Reflexology some women were coming to me for fertility help and guidance. This interested me as I had originally trained as a Nursery Nurse. My first child was still born and this made it of great interest to me to help women go through what should be a happy and exciting time in their lives and gave me an understanding of the difficulties women face with fertility and pregnancy.

One of my first clients was successful in falling pregnant after only a few treatments, when she had been trying for several years. This inspired me to study more deeply how reflexology can help women with fertility, pregnancy and post natal care. I attended Suzanne Enzer’s and Lena Chandler’s courses, specialist in this area of Reflexology.  I have gone on to help many women with fertility, pregnancy issues and post natal care and support.

The most important thing is to take a holistic approach and to identify areas where small changes in lifestyle can give significant results. For example diet and exercise.

Sometimes I find hormonal imbalances which can be worked on. Other times if someone’s general health is poor I work the lymphatic areas and stimulate the digestive system, improving the mobility of the pelvic area and improving the circulation in the reproductive system. This can improve the chances of pregnancy.  However, quite often the barrier to conception can be psychological.

‘Will I cope with the responsibility of motherhood? Am I ready? Will I lose my figure? Can I cope with the pain of labour?’.

Prospective mothers often just need reassurance. During her treatments, I sometimes finds that visualisation techniques have been helpful at various stages of a prospective parent’s journey as they have been able to face fears and misgivings. By creating positive pictures in the mind, we can have a significant positive effect on our body and general mental well-being.

I am sensitive to your emotions and support  you in these amazing stages in your life.



Helps to have a natural birth avoiding drugs and intervention so the body can return to normal health faster & more efficiently

Hormone balancing. Before, during & after pregnancy

Less likely to get the     ‘Baby blues’

Helps with back ache

Helps with blood pressure

Helps with relaxation and the flow of nutrients to     the baby

    Maternity Reflexology





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