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Fiona Hughes
Fiona Hughes - Health Coach

Offers you a multi-dimensional approach to the therapies she gives you.Do you need help to rejuvenate and relaxEvery client is an individual Let  Fionaís experience  support  and educate you to a healthier you.

If itís a back problem, you have a choice of Craino-sacral therapy, Hot stones massage, Aromatherapy massage or Reflexology, ALL WITH Nutritional advice, [ if you want it].

Are you stressed?  Why not choose a Reflexology session with Aromatherapy oils in a calm environment. Or an Aromatherapy massage with oils selected especially for you.

Are you worried about your health?
  Come and have a Reflexology session and learn how you could improve your health. Pregnant - come and enjoy a relaxing pregnancy massage with aromatherapy oils or a Reflexology session with support and advice to help guide you through this special time New from 13th March Offering one to one or small groups of private yoga classes




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  Cranio Sacral Therapy

  Indian Head Massage

  Aromatheraphy Massage

  Hot Stones 

  Naturopathic Nutrition

  Maternity Reflexology

  Pregnancy Massage

  Baby Massage